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National FIA Chartered Bands
The Big Picture
(Revised 11/14/07 as per restructuring doc)

In order to continue movement towards documented, demonstrable consistency in our core program, FIA leadership commissioned technical teams (called "Bands") to address the issues common to all regional work locations under the new annual program. Currently, there are four Bands: Data Acquisition; Analysis and Reporting; Information Management and Compilation; and Techniques Research.

Beginning in October 2007, the Band structure was modified from its previous configuration. The Statistics Band and Remote Sensing Bands were combined into one Techniques Research Band. Within each Band, a "Core Band", comprised of the group leaders from each of the four FIA units, was created. The objective of establishing Core Bands was to provide decision-making and tasking authority within each of the Bands. Band Leadership is rotated annually among the four group leaders (each region has one Band Leader), and the Band Leader's regional Program Manager serves as an advisor to that respective band and rotates among the bands accordingly.

Membership of the Full Band was not changed, and still includes representatives from the FIA units, State Partners, National Forest System, and State & Private Forestry. The function of the Full Band is to support (e.g. serve on task teams), set direction, and advise the Core Band.

The purpose of chartering the Bands is to create a process, which allows FIA technical staff and partners in various field locations to interact constantly - by email, by conference call, and by occasional workshops where they hash out the technical details of maintaining a core FIA program. The primary focus is on the CORE FIA PROGRAM - to decide what procedures we should implement nationally, in order to deliver a consistent, efficient, and complete core FIA program. The intent is to reduce redundancy and increase quality by promoting coordinated approaches to core program issues. The Bands will identify weaknesses in our approaches to core issues and recommend solutions. A secondary benefit of the Bands is to bring together colleagues with similar interests, abilities, and challenges to see how other units are solving their problems.

Each Band has a charter that defines its purpose and long term direction. The charter is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the scope of the band. Bands also create an annual workplan, which outlines and coordinates specific tasks they will focus on for the year. Both charter and workplans are reviewed and approved by the FIA Program Managers and National Management Team.

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