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Proposal Status Colors: Type codes:  C=clarification, A=addition, D=deletion, M=modificaiton

Schedule for Completing Version 3.0 of the Field Guide (Phase 2 and Phase 3)
March, 2004– Deadline for change proposals to be submitted for the first time
August, 2004 – Final approval of change proposals by FIA Management Team (or the month determined by the Management Team)
October through December, 2004 – Review of draft revision by all Bands
January, 2005 – Begin final revision
April, 2005 – Deliver revised field guide to Information Management Band and FIA Regions
October, 2005 – Regions may begin implementing the new revision of the field guide
Please Note: This schedule is subject to revision or modification. It is recognized that the Management Team may instruct change proposals to be accommodated at any time in the process.

Gray=Still in Change Review Process
Yellow=Proposal Accepted Band Recommendation codes: A=Accept, M=Accept with Modification, R=Reject
Orange=Proposal Withdrawn
Red=Proposal Not Accepted


Proposal ID
Champion Band Sponsor Type Description Band Recommendations Band Response Summary M-team Decision Status


Paul Patterson SB M Measure site trees only at plot establishment, when previous site trees do ot apply to new condition class, or if no site tree was measured at previous visit. A M A A A A summary A Completed change process - to be implemented in manual version 3.0, FY 06


Paul Patterson SB M Record P3 Uncompacted Live Crown Ratio to the nearest 1% (complies with P2 protocol). A A M A A A summary A Completed change process - to be implemented in manual version 3.0, FY 06


Jim Westfall SB D Delete mortality year variable (5.20) from field measurements M  A  A A M --- summary A Completed change process - to be implemented in manual version 3.0, FY 06
08_06_2003_stand_size Barb Knight
Reduce the number of stand size classes.
Chuck Liff   IMB M Make P3 variables core optional on P2 plots, and make several forest condition class variables core optional on non-forest conditions. M M A A A M  summary A
Mike Shomaker & Bill Bechtold  IAB M Modifies measurement method of Uncompacted Crown Ratio for leaning trees to conform with methods used for Compacted Crown Ratio - uses tree length instead of tree height. Revision includes methods for dead tops, and handling past data A A A A A A summary A
 02_17_2004_biomass McWilliams, et al.  AB A Add new biomass variables to FIADB --- A A R A R    
 03_24_2004_woodland Bill Dunning  DAB M Change QA/QC standards for woodland horiz distance and stem dia. A --- A A --- M summary  A
03_24_2004_stems Bill Dunning DAB A Add previous and current stem count for woodland DRC measurements A --- A A --- A summary A
04_01_2004_P3_hexagon Barb Knight DAB D Drop P3 HEXAGON and P3 PLOT NUMBER as a field collected data item. M --- M A --- A summary A

04_22_2004_nonforest_section8 04_22_2004_nonforest_section8_amended

Sharon Woudenberg & John Nelson IMB M Modify Section 8 in the field manual to provide consistent data between forest and non-forest plots.  A M M ---   R summary  A
08_31_2004_revised_change_system Chip Scott MT M Modify Change System to include pre-proposal step, add change class and track A A A A A A summary A
10 24 2004 macroplot rename and breakpoint Sharon Woudenberg  IMB  M Redefine "annular plot" and "macroplot" in the field guide, and add a variable, "breakpoint diameter" to indicate minimum DBH measured in macroplot. S  S ---  S ---   S  summary S
11 04 2004 woodland stems O'Brien, Woudenberg, Mahal, Dunning IMB  A Add a national woodland stem table to both the PDR data entry program and NIMS that includes individual stem diameter and status (live or dead) S  S  --- S  ---  S  summary 
12 03 2004 Soils Lichens measures.doc
(proposal details)
Hobie Perry & Susan Will-Wolf IAB  M The proposal considers several scheduling approaches to balance soils and lichens lab samples between years. S  M ---
M  summary S 

12 13 2004 reconcile code6

Mike Thompson AB  D Modify RECONCILE code 6 - "tree was tallied in previous inventory, but is now missing due to natural causes such as landslide, fire, etc.”. Add RECONCILE code 9 S  S  --- M  ---  S  summary   

1 26 2005 tree location MQO
(see 2 18 2005 new tree location for revised pre-proposal)

Dave Gartner   A Add location variable to indicate whether tree is on subplot or macroplot.                
1_31_2005_ozone_fuzz Gretchen Smith   M Create an interpolated biosite index (IBI) to map biosite data, rather than fuzz/swap coordinates as used for P2 grid plots. M --- --- M S --- summary S
2_18_2005_new_tree_location Dave Gartner   A Add location variable to indicate whether tree is on subplot or macroplot.              
3_7_2005_veg_trace Beth Schulz   A Reinstatement of ability to record canopy cover values as less than 1% for very sparse species S  --- S  ---  S  summary   S
3_7_2005_veg_QA_sp_code Beth Schulz   M Create standards for veg species codes S --- S --- S summary  S
Simple Change - PLOT NUMBER and PREVIOUS PLOT NBR IMB IMB M Increase the number of digits for P2 PLOT NUMBER and PREVIOUS PLOT NBR from 4 to 5. --- --- --- --- --- ---    
3/31/2005 - accepted for 3.0
04 06 2005 GPS Datum FINAL rev Mark Rubey, Lisa Mahal IMB A Add a variable to record the datum that GPS coordinates are collected in. --- --- --- --- --- ---   S
04 01 2005 GPS Lat Long FINAL Dave Polak IMB M Record GPS units in separate fields - degreees, minutes, seconds --- --- --- --- --- ---   S


proposed veg chapter

updated proposal 09_02_2005_P3_v3_Veg_Update_rev_10_20_2005
proposed veg chapter

Beth Schulz   M

Original proposal revised into 3 separate changes:

1. Reorganize veg field guide to clarify how data are collected and stored for analysis.


A - A - A summary A
        2. Rename some veg attributes A A - A - A summary A
        3. Add subplot and quadrat notes
A A - A - A summary A



Susan Will-Wolf AB B Bug Fix to correct errors in Lichens Field Guide, and correct Lichen plot area calculations - - - - - -   A

P2 FIADB Version 3.0
P3 FIADB Version 3.0

Chuck Liff, et. al. IMB M Directed Change - Modification of FIADB structure to accomodate different expansion factors needed to analyze variations in annual inventory data sets.                
FIADB Manual released 6/1/2007