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Last Update: Apr 24, 2015
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B=Bug Fix, C=clarification, A=addition, D=deletion, M=modificaiton

12/7/2006 - Please note, Implementation of manual version 4.0 will be Fiscal 2008, beginning October 2007. Some proposals, originally slated for 4.0, are being delayed until Fiscal 2009 due to their complicated implementation
Initial Schedule for Completing Version 4.0 of the Field Guide (Phase 2 and Phase 3)

March, 2006– Deadline for change proposals to be submitted for the first time
August, 2006 – Final approval of change proposals by FIA Management Team (or the month determined by the Management Team)
October through December, 2006 – Review of draft revision by all Bands
January, 2007 – Begin final revision
April, 2007 – Deliver revised field guide to Information Management Band and FIA Regions
October, 2007 – Regions may begin implementing the new revision of the field guide
Please Note: This schedule is subject to revision or modification. It is recognized that the Management Team may instruct change proposals to be accommodated at any time in the process.

Gray=Still in Change Review Process
Yellow=Proposal Accepted Band Recommendation codes: S=Support, M=Modifications suggested, O=Object, NR=No Response, '-'=Response not required
Orange=Proposal Withdrawn
Red=Proposal Not Accepted

Proposal ID Champion Band Sponsor Type
Band Recommendations Band Response Summary MT
2_18_2005_new_tree_location Dave Gartner   A Add location variable to indicate whether tree is on subplot or macroplot.              
8/22/2006- pre-proposal withdrawn
Forest type definitions
Stocking Committee IMB,AB,SB M Modify existing and add new forest types M M S S S summary A
3/30/2006 - Completed change process. To be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007)



Mark Hansen SB A Add a subplot status code to indicate that trees were intentionally not measured by QA check crew. Clarify QA_status definitions in the Field Guide. S M S
S summary A
6/7/2006 - Completed change process, to be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007)
Gretchen Smith   M In IW region, reassign moderate risk areas to low risk, and maintain sampling in high risk areas. S S S - S summary A
06/07/2006- Completed change process, to be implemented in Summer, 2007
01_11_2006_top_status Carol Alerich IM  A Add variable top_status M O S
S summary ?
10/06/2006- proposal withdrawn. Issue will be revisited by Volume Variable Task Team.
03_01_2006_40_manual_revised_6_5_06 Bill Dunning Barb Conkling DAB  M Minor changes to 4.0 manual to make manual consistent with NIMS. S S S   - summary A
8/7/2006 - Completed change process - to be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007).
03_22_2006_NIMS-CS_Fuzz_Swap_Pre-Proposal Larry Royer IMB M 1) Develop nationally consistent fuzz and swap protocols.
2) Develop NIMS-CS modules to conduct the national fuzz and swap methodology.
3/30/2006 - Pre-proposal not approved
03_29_2006_Administrative_Forest_Code_Pre-proposal Chuck Liff IMB A Collect NFS Administrative Forest Code (ADFORCD in NIMS & FIADB) when OWNER GROUP=10              
5/30/2006 - Proposal withdrawn
03_29_2006_crew_number Bill Dunning DAB A Add new variable “CREW NUMBER” M S S S summary  A 
12/4/2006 - Completed change process. To be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007).
05_31_2006_Crew_type Bill Dunning Barb Conkling DAB A Drop variable “CREW TYPE” M S S - S  summary  A
12/4/2006 - Completed change process. To be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007)
06_20_2006_soils_revised Sharon Woudenberg, IMB M Modify soils manual to re-order variables and disallow cond_class_nbr=0  M S S - S summary A 
12/7/2006 - Completed change process. To be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007)


Dale Trenda DAB M Modify tree species list to include codes for W. Tex species. S S S - S summary  
10/25/2006 - Completed change process. Unanimous Band approval - to be implemented in Fiscal 2008 (Oct 2007)
12_04_2006_West_OK_TX_units Jeff Turner   M Divide west OK and west TX into additional survey units              
2/26/2007 - Will be implemented in NIMS 4.0.
12_04_2006_FL_GA_Unit_Names Jeff Turner   M Update names of six units in Florida and Georgia to match historical names              
2/26/2007 - Will be implemented in NIMS 4.0
05_09_2007_Regional codes_in_National_variables Chuck Liff, Bill Dunning, Sally Campbell, Dave Alerich   M M-team Directive - reconcile regional codes to national variables.              
5/9/2007 - implemented in Fiscal 2008