FIA Band Change Management

Change Management

Current Work:

20190531 DAB bugfix 9.0

20180108 National Species List

Want to submit a proposal?

Please review "The Change Management System Defined" document linked below. Use the FIA change form to submit your pre-proposal.
Contact the Band Conductor, Jason Meade (865-862-2089) if you have any questions or concerns.

The Change Management System Defined

FIA Change Proposal Form (IE users, right click link, save target as .docm)

Past Changes (for manual version 8.0)

20171108 Forking Bug Fix Clarification

20171116 Land Cover Class

20101021 NRCS Plants (2010 Proposal: NRCS plants download, not implemented as approved. Implementation of "Veg only")
Summary of the 2017 REF_PLANTS_DICTIONARY update

Past Changes

Changes to 6.0 (for manual version 7.0)

Changes to 5.0 (for manual version 6.0)

Changes to 4.0 (for manual version 5.0)

Changes to 3.0 (for manual version 4.0)

Changes to 2.0 (for manual version 3.0)

Changes to 1.0 (for manual version 2.0)